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Our Clients demand relevance, immediacy and convenience. We provide a worry-free journey into managing your retired or surplus IT Hardware and Lab Equipment.

Asset Inventory & Audit

Virgelity mobilizes an Asset Control Team to perform a complete inventory of a company’s retired assets. Physical asset inventory is a thankless, time consuming process. Virgelity's Asset Control Team does this all for the client for $0.99 cents per asset. Virgelity can also perform annual or one-time-audits at an additional cost per asset.


Virgelity provides its clients with inbound shipping services including packaging and weekly pick-ups at no cost to our client. Virgelity can confirm that all assets are insured during the transport to Virgelity’s operations facility. Any Data Destruction in the New England area will be securely transported via locked containers and under supervision


Virgelity acts as a sales agent for a client retiring end of life assets. Through our constant monitoring of IT Assets & Lab Equipment, Virgelity will maximize the resale values on retired assets more than your current service provider.

Welcome To Virgelity

Virgelity is the First on Demand Logistic service provider dedicated to managing the remarketing of IT assets and Lab Equipment to a level never seen before. We’ve incorporated five star world-renowned customer focus and distinctive style, to create legendary service with low cost results. Virgelity provides a simple solution for a complex and time consuming challenge for your Inventory Asset Management.

It is important to the team at Virgelity that we provide a service that is meaningful to our clients. We find that offering flexibility in the way in which we deliver our services provides you with great additional value

Virgelity is not just a mobility company. We are a people and relationships company first and foremost. And weʼre committed to building with you.

Virgelity was founded on a simple question

How can we bring our customers the convenience of a weekly service while providing a low cost alternative that yields high end performance?

Speed To Market- Logistics at your Doorstep

Pick-ups at Virgelity Speed.  We have a fleet of vehicles that cover the New England area 365 days a year.  Virgelity’s optimal goal is to get your assets to the finish line the quickest. That’s why we have incorporated routine weekly/monthly pick-ups to your facility.  We will provide you the flexibility to choose the delivery time you need.  By picking up your assets more frequently, allows us to remarket the equipment faster and improve your space management by increasing the overall productivity throughout your entire organization.

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Schedule a Pickup tool

With the Schedule Pickup Tool, you can quickly and easily schedule a Virgelity pickup of your shipments 365 days a year. On our website, go to the “Create a Pick Up” tab, and book a 1-hour meeting with Virgelity to pick up your retired assets. Virgelity will pick up a minimum of 10 or more retired assets per week. We offer 52 weekly pick-ups per year.
Notifications will be automatically emailed to you and a follow-up email from our logistics team verifying the pickup. It’s fast and easy.

Maximum Value Captured

A Company finally able to deliver a complete set of asset management services with an unsurpassed value of significantly improving operations and lowering costs. We are providing you an opportunity to expand your reach by experiencing a full service Asset Inventory Management Company. The advantage of utilizing Virgelity services is that we have harnessed software technology to manage the buying, selling and recycling of your retired systems. This allows Virgelity to spend more time with their customers and less time processing transactions. To differentiate to compete, Virgelity has an insatiable appetite to yield higher returns for our clients IT Hardware and Lab Equipment. In conquering this one objective, Virgelity was able to achieve this by building a flexible, cloud based solution on multiple software platforms. We also have integrated marketing tools like text messaging and ecommerce to help us raise the bar for our customers confidence. With over two years in development, we have been fueled by positive perceptions from our clients and vendors. As we become better, bigger, and faster, we plan to expand our operations to the west coast by opening a new facility in San Francisco by early 2020.


Amplifying our Promise

After your first pick up, Virgelity promises with our frequent service that we will be in and out of your facility in less than 15 minutes. That includes an initial invenory report for your Consigned lot.